What Engagement Ring Should you Get Based on Your Meyers Briggs Personality Type

February 26, 2018

The Meyers Briggs personality test is a quiz where you answer questions to determine what personality type you are. Each personality is four letters long. The first possible letters are Extraverted (E) or Introverted (I). The second letters are Sensing (S) or Intuition (N). The third letter options are Thinking (T) or Feeling (F). Finally, the last letter options are Judging (J) or Perceiving (P). If you have never heard of the Meyers Briggs personality test before or you forget which letters correspond with your personality type, take a few minutes to take the test here.


INTJ “The Architect”



Any INTJ would love this platinum engagement ring because of its organized simplicity. The INTJ personality type is known for their relentless intellectualism and drive for organizing and executing plans. The beauty of this ring for the Meyers Briggs INTJ personality lies in the perfect symmetry of the three diamonds. A small diamond on either side really complements the larger diamond in the middle. An INTJ loves to plan and they will love that this ring was perfectly planned.

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INFJ “The Advocate”



The INFJ personality type is extremely modest and isn’t know for drawing unnecessary attention to themselves. This beautiful, yet understated, diamond engagement ring would make an INFJ squeal with joy! According to the Meyers Briggs personality test, an INFJ is soft-spoken, creative and warm.  Because INFJ’s care so much about others, it can be tough for them to remember to prioritize themselves once and a while. This ring is a perfect way to make an INFJ feel special!

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ISTJ “The Logistician”



The logistician personality type, otherwise known as ISTJ, loves history and tradition. In relationships, ISTJ’s are extremely dedicated and loyal.  According to the Meyers Briggs personality type, an ISTJ prefers more traditional methods of dating instead of dating apps and blind dates. This stunning emerald diamond engagement ring is reminiscent of vintage and traditional engagement rings. Also, the impressive size of the emerald represents the ISTJ’s deep commitment to the marriage and integrity.

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ISTP “The Virtuoso”



The ISTP’s are the natural-born craftsmen of the world. An ISTP is a creative person with a great vision. Many ISTPs become graphic designers, engineers, and mechanics. Therefore, according to the Meyers Briggs test, an ISTP would love this diamond swirl engagement ring. This engagement ring is visually stunning and unique which is something that the artistic and creative ISTP would appreciate.

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INTP “The Logician”



INTP’s pride themselves on being inventive and creative. A classic engagement ring just wouldn’t suit their personality. An INTP needs a ring that no one else would have, so, this unique and different emerald diamond band is a total show-stopper. According to the Meyers Briggs test, INTP’s are not concerned with traditions and typically strive to find a new and original perspective. A true INTP will strive to have an engagement ring that really pushes the boundaries and does something new, which means that they would have to have this unique emerald diamond ring.

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 INFP “The Mediator”



The INFP personality type is great at communicating and expressing what they’re thinking. Not surprisingly, many famous poets and actors are the INFP personality type according to the Meyers Briggs. INFPs are also idealists, this means that they’ve probably been dreaming about their engagement ring since they were little. .74CTW cushion halo diamond ring has a classic and timeless look to it. Odds are, this classic engagement ring looks a lot like what they’ve been dreaming about their whole lives!

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ISFJ “The Defender”



An ISFJ is extremely good natured and wants to create goodness in the world. In terms of romantic relationships, the Meyers Briggs ISFJ personality type finds joy in providing emotional support. This personality type very strongly believes in the sanctity of marriage and would love an engagement ring that symbolizes that. This split shoulder and halo diamond ring is the perfect representation of two halves becoming whole through marriage that any ISFJ would love!

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ISFP “The Adventurer”



The ISFP is extremely adventurous and loves to take risks! Therefore, it makes sense that this Myers Briggs personality type would want a colorful engagement ring. The ISFP personality type loves to think outside the box and break social convention. Therefore, this oval sapphire and diamond engagement ring will be sure to artistically and creatively inspire any lucky ISFP.

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ENTJ “The Commander”



Much like the name suggests, an ENTJ has a very commanding presence and needs a ring that matches it. A small ring wouldn’t make sense for an ENTJ because they need a ring that’s as bold and beautiful as they are. This stunning emerald platinum halo engagement ring is a statement piece. An ENTJ is a natural born leader and needs a ring that reflects their personal presence.

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ENFJ “The Protagonist”



The Meyers Briggs ENFJ personality type is born full of charisma and passion. They also tend to be altruists and will stop at nothing to help their fellow man. This engagement ring is both elegant and simple which perfectly fits the ENFJ’s personality. The ring is classic and personality yet it’s understated so it lets your true personality shine through.

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ESTJ “The Executive”



The ESTJ is known for being able to bring people together and for giving great advice. In a relationship, ESTJs value honesty above everything else and prefer to address any conflict head-on. This straightforward approach to relationships is represented in this engagement ring because it effortlessly combines different design elements. You would take away her breath away with this absolutely stunning pear-shaped halo engagement ring because it’s straightforward just like her.

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ESTP “The Entrepreneur”



An ESTP is usually easy to spot because they’re the life of the party. This beautiful rose and white gold engagement ring has a unique halo design that wraps around the shank. This ring is just as fun and social as an ESTP! According to Meyers Briggs, an ESTP loves to be the center of attention and this gorgeous ring will always make you the center of attention!

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ENTP “The Debater”

The ENTP personality type is effortlessly quick witted and loves to debate ideas. In addition, ENTPs can be extremely daring and bold and need an engagement ring to reflect that aspect of their personality. This stunning trillion diamond solitaire engagement ring perfectly matches the creativity and open-mindedness of an ENTP.

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ENFP “The Campaigner”



The Meyers Briggs describes the ENFP as being confident, independent and energetic. An ENFPs self-esteem is highly based on their ability to come up with original ideas and their ability to innovate. In terms of relationships, ENFPs go all in and put all their cards on the table. This engagement ring is perfect for an ENFP because they both leave nothing to the imagination. This 2.30CTW pear-shaped diamond halo engagement ring is upfront and not afraid to be the center of attention.

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ESFJ “The Consul”



An ESFJ is extremely social, outgoing and popular. This Meyers Briggs personality type is naturally drawn to the spotlight and loves to be the star of the show. ESFJs put a lot of time and effort into being social and really value their social interactions with friends, family and even strangers. An ESFJ needs a ring that is just as much as a social butterfly as they are. The old European diamond and ruby engagement ring. This ring is just as much as a social butterfly as an ESFJ and together they both will steal the show!

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ESFP “The Entertainer”



Finally, the last Meyers Briggs personality type is the ESFP. An ESFP is extremely giving and encouraging. They’re the friend you always want to be around because of how good they make you feel. The ESFP is spontaneous, and not afraid to speak their mind and they need an engagement ring that reflects their fun personality. This tanzanite and diamond engagement ring is unique and will be very aesthetically pleasing to any ESFP.

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