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Cracked Ring Repair

February 27, 2018

The longer you wear a ring the thinner and more worn down the band can get. This means that your ring may be more susceptible to breaking and will require cracked ring repair.

How Rings Generally Crack

According to our jeweler, a crack generally forms on the solder seam because that’s the weakest point in the ring. A solder seam is a place where the two parts of a band have been soldered together, usually after a sizing. This is the weakest part because it’s two pieces of metal soldered together and is weaker than just fresh metal. To put it in perspective, it’s very difficult to break a solid plank of wood. However, two halves of wood glued together are significantly easier to break because there is a natural seam to break it along.

Another common area of a ring where cracking may occur is under accent diamonds on the band. This is due to the metal being hollowed out to accommodate the diamond make this spot weaker than the rest of the band. Just like in the image below.


This image shows a crack in a ring underneath where a diamond had been set.


For most jewelers, repairing a cracked ring is a relatively easy process. Depending on how badly the ring is cracked there are a variety of options to fix the cracked ring. If there are just a few cracks a jeweler could cut that part of the ring off and reattach the two ends. From there he would re-size the ring back to the proper size. Most jewelers agree that if there are multiple cracks all through the band, generally due to porosity, the best option would be to cut off the entire band and reset the ring on a new band.


This is an example of ring that had cracks due to porosity.


Another issue that can arise from a cracked band is lost diamonds and gemstones. Cracks can form due to a ring being bent out of shape, which can also affect the prongs holding in your precious diamonds and gemstones. If you notice a crack in your ring, take it off immediately, put it in a Ziploc bag and bring it into Bailey Banks and Biddle ASAP!

Overall, if you notice any issue with your ring and you want to get it fixed or you just want it to sparkle like new, stop by Bailey Banks and Biddle and have our jeweler fix it for you! Our jeweler is extremely experienced in all types of ring repair and would love to help restore your ring to its former beauty.

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