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Jewelry Looks Inspired by the Oscars

March 5, 2018

The 2018 Oscars was a beautiful, star-studded night with countless gorgeous jewelry pieces. This year celebrities wore over $30 million worth of jewelry. How great would it be to have the same looks that the celebs wear without the giant price tag? We’ve compiled three of our favorite looks that you can buy for yourself from Bailey Banks & Biddle!

Helen Mirren

This beautiful necklace that Helen Mirren wore to the Oscars is effortlessly stunning. In addition, the sapphires on her jewelry perfectly matched the color of her dress.

The Princess Necklace

The diamond necklace she wore is worth $3.8 million. The necklace was created by designer Harry Winston. The gorgeous necklace featured cushion-cut sapphires and diamonds. In total, the necklace weighed 115.27 carats and was set in platinum.

At Bailey Banks & Biddle, we have a very similar necklace to Helen Mirren’s but with a delicate floral focal piece that features emeralds and diamonds. This 14K yellow gold necklace features 2CTW round diamonds and approximately 1CTW round emeralds clustered in the center of a beveled omega chain.  Check it out here!



Nichole Kidman

Nichole Kidman blew everyone away with her Oscars jewelry last night. The lack of a necklace really drew attention to her bold red lip and dangly diamond earrings.


The Chandelier Earrings

The stunning diamond earrings that Nicole Kidman wore were Harry Winston. These jaw-dropping Cluster Diamond Chandelier earrings weighed more than 23 carats. These chandelier earrings are such a fun statement piece of Oscars jewelry that drew attention to Nicole’s face.


These 1.15CTW round diamond line drop earrings have the same dramatic flair as Nichole Kidman’s chandelier earrings with a much more manageable price tag. You will light up any party with these dazzling 14 karat white gold earrings featuring 18 graduated round brilliant cut diamonds. The earrings are articulated to make them dance and sparkle as you move. Long, lean, and so elegant, these diamond drop earrings will draw attention to your face just like Nichole’s Oscars jewelry! Check them out here!



Gal Gadot

Wonderwoman star, Gal Gadot was decked out in Tiffany & Co. at the Oscars. In addition to her beautiful 27-karat aquamarine drop necklace set with more than 100 diamonds, she also rocked some gorgeous diamond studs.


The Diamond Studs

Gal Gadot’s Oscar jewelry, including her diamond earrings, was all provided by Tiffany & Co.  The diamond stud earrings she was wearing were from Tiffany’s 2018 Blue Book Collection.


These 2.16CTW radiant diamond studs from Bailey Banks & Biddle are a good match for Gal’s diamond studs! The best part about the diamond studs is that they can easily transition from a day to night look. We love these radiant shaped diamond studs, they are a unique alternative to the traditional round and have a ton of sparkle. The studs have a total carat weight of 2.16CTW and a color and clarity grade of K/VS1 and are set in 14K white gold. Get them here!




Overall, if you’re looking for Oscars jewelry without the Oscars pricetag, Bailey Banks & Biddle is the place for you! Check out our fashion jewelry for more great Oscars-inspired looks!

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