Ask A Jeweler

April 23, 2018

Today the amazing our amazing Jeweler is back to answer more of your submitted questions. Do you have any questions for our Jeweler? Leave them in the comments below!

Q: How do I size my ring finger?


Sadly, there’s no way to size your ring finger at home. You could order a sizer but there’s no point in paying $10 for something you’ll likely only need once. If you want any of your fingers sized and you can come into Buchroeders and we’ll gladly size them for you!

Q: My gold ring doesn’t look good anymore, it’s dark. Can you fix it?

Jeweler: So recently a man brought in a 10 karat ring that had started to turn dark. The thing is, he worked in the pool industry so his hands were always in a lot of chlorine and bleach. Chlorine and bleach will cause gold to tarnish. So it was a very simple fix to just buff off the darkness. Another thing that can make a ring dark is age. If a ring sits for a long time unworn it will tarnish and darken. Gold will tarnish based on the % of gold in the ring. For example, a 14 karat ring is 58% gold. Therefore the other 32% that’s not gold is what’s causing the ring to tarnish. If you bring in a ring that has been sitting too long unworn then I can just polish the tarnish right off!




Q: How do you change the size of a ring?

Jeweler: To make a ring smaller, I have to cut the ring and remove however many sizes that have to come out. Then, I re-weld the ring back together. The most important part of this is that there are no noticeable seams so you can’t tell the ring has been cut and resized. If I’m making a ring bigger, I cut the ring, pull it open and replace the gap with fresh gold. The gold has to be the same thickness, color, and karat weight as the rest of the ring. In addition, the soder has to be the same color and karat weight so that they match, otherwise, you would see seams where they were put back together.

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