The Value of a Warm Diamond

May 10, 2018

Many people believe that the only value in a diamond comes from it’s colorless or near-colorless features. However, a diamond can have different beauty to different people. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

What is a Warm Diamond?

Warm diamonds are represented on this color chart below. An M through P is considered a warm diamond. These warm diamonds are found in abundance and therefore come with a lesser premium.

Warm Diamonds Vs Colorless Diamonds

Just because a diamond has body warmth or a tint of color to it does not necessarily mean it’s a bad thing. You can see in these two diamonds below that the one on the right is a G in color and is near-colorless. However, the diamond on the left is an N in color so that means it has body warmth. And you can the difference in color when these two diamonds are put side by side.

A warm diamond on the left and a near-colorless diamond on the right.

A warm diamond on the left and a near-colorless diamond on the right.

Again, the diamond on the left has a true fiery warm brilliance as opposed to the glacial icy pop of a near colorless diamond like the one on the right.

One is not more beautiful than the other, beauty is subjective and some may prefer a little warmth within their diamond. In addition, diamonds are priced on rarity and not aesthetic beauty. So just because a warm diamond may be priced a little lower that is only because colorless and near-colorless are rarer.

How to Set a Warm Diamond

Some people may not prefer the look of an unset warm diamond. However, setting a warm diamond can really make a difference in the way that it looks. A great way to set a warm diamond is in rose gold or yellow gold. Diamonds with their faceting powers have many windows and mirrors that like to reflect light through the bottom, sides, and top of the diamond. By setting a warm diamond in rose gold it gives the appearance that the diamond is warm because of the warm colored setting and not the diamond itself.




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