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5 Reasons to Propose on Valentine’s Day

February 2, 2018

Are you thinking of proposing to your loved one soon but aren’t sure what date would be best? There are so many reasons why it’s great to propose on Valentine’s Day!


1. She Won’t Expect It

Although Valentine’s Day is known as a day of romance, not many women anticipate a proposal on that day. If you want to keep the proposal a surprise from your sweetheart, she’s less likely to be suspicious on this day. You can plan an elaborate date for your Valentine’s Day proposal and she won’t expect a thing.


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2. She Has a Good Reason to Dress Up

Another added benefit of proposing on Valentine’s Day is that your girlfriend will already have a good reason to dress up. One of thing men don’t consider when planning the proposal is what she will be wearing. One of the first things couples do after she says “yes” is take pictures. Make sure you guys look your best because all of your family and friends are going to want to see those pictures. Make this a day to remember by telling her that you have a reservation at a fancy restaurant so that you’ll both be looking your absolute best for the big moment.


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3. It’s Romantic to Propose on Valentine’s Day

With the atmosphere of love that surrounds Valentine’s Day, your proposal will be that much more special. Consider making her heart shaped pancakes for breakfast or surprising her at work or class with roses. Any little gestures you make before the proposal will set the stage for the big moment. With the whole day being focused on showing your love for her, she will be ecstatic with the final grand gesture of the proposal.


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4. You Can Recreate Your First Date

One great reason to propose on Valentine’s Day is that it’s a memorable and romantic day. You can incorporate elements of your first date together to make it more special. If you dated in high school you could go back and reminisce about your high school sweetheart years. Another way to recreate it is by cooking the meal you had on your first date at home. In addition, you could always recreate the first date exactly so that your proposal incorporates the beautiful beginning of your relationship.


5. You Can Spoil Her With Roses

One way to make your Valentine’s Day proposal really special is to spread rose petals all across your home or apartment to surprise her. You could also gift her a big bouquet of roses. Creating a theme for your proposal, such as roses, is a great way to make the moment memorable.


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